Community Housing Urgent Repair Program 2023

The Albemarle Commission was awarded Urgent Repair Program 2023 funding from the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, and assistance is still available for homeowners in Chowan, Camden, Currituck, Gates, Washington, Perquimans, Pasquotank, and Tyrrell counties. The program is geared towards helping the elderly, disabled, veterans, and single parents who are homeowners that may need financial help with repairing their home.

Our Urgent Repair Program (URP) finances emergency home repairs for North Carolina homeowners who are elderly or have special needs and whose incomes are below 50 percent of the median for their area. Emergency repairs correct housing conditions that threaten your life or safety, such as failing septic systems, dangerous heating systems, or rotten floors. The program can also pay for accessibility modifications that allow you to remain in your home after an injury or serious illness. Applicants who desire assistance under the Urgent Repair Program can click HERE for an application or call 252-426-5753.

To be eligible for assistance:

· Applicants must reside in the following Counties: Chowan, Camden, Currituck, Gates, Washington, Perquimans, Pasquotank, and Tyrrell.

· Applicants must prove they own and occupy the home in need of repair.

· Applicants must have a household income that does not exceed 50% of the County median income for the household size – click HERE for income limits.

· Applicants must have a special need (i.e., be elderly, at least 62 year).old, handicapped or disabled, a single parent with a dependent living at home, a military veteran, a large family with greater than 5 household members, or a household with a child below the age of 6 with lead hazards in the home)

· Applicants must have urgent repair needs, which cannot be met through other state or federally funded housing assistance programs.

· The property must be free of any back taxes or liens in default at the time of application unless a payment plan has been established and payments are current. If the applicant is unsure, he/she should call their local County Tax office prior to submitting the application.

Applications can be obtained at the Albemarle Commission office, Albemarle Commission website, or you can request an application be sent by mail. In order to have a complete application, you must provide the following:

· Completed Application and Eligibility Form (Page 1 Only)

· Estimate/Actual Yearly Income for all earning members of the household

· Copy of income verification for all earning members of the household: source of wages, social security, retirement/pension, supplemental security income, public assistance, child support, or other means of income

· Proof of homeownership: deed or other documentation proving the property is yours

Click here to view our URP 2023 Assistance Policy