Having sufficient supplies such as food, water, medicine and emergency essentials is important as you and your family may have to survive on your own after disaster strikes. Local officials and relief workers will be on the scene but they cannot reach everyone immediately. Help may arrive within hours or days.  It is estimated that after a major disaster, it may take up to three days for relief workers to reach some areas.

Download the FEMA App to receive real time weather and emergency alerts on your mobile device.

Prepare your home and family with a Basic Supplies Kit and Emergency Supply List in case of natural disasters.  Common essentials include food, water, medications, first aid, cash, and spare clothing.

Prepare an evacuation plan, including emergency routes, shelters, means of transportation, etc.  Consult with elderly and/or disabled family members and neighbors to ensure their safety, medical, and specialized needs can be met. Plan for food, water, and accommodations for pets as well.

The National Hurricane Program provides resources, information, and technical assistance to local, state, federal and tribal governments for hurricane planning and response.  The NHP is a partnership between FEMA, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and the NOAA National Hurricane Center.