What is SHIIP?
Seniors’ Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) is a consumer information division of the North Carolina Department of Insurance that assists people with Medicare, Medicare Part D, Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage, and long-term care insurance questions. We also help citizens recognize and prevent Medicare billing errors and possible fraud and abuse through our NC Senior Medicare Patrol (NCSMP) Program.

How does SHIIP work?
SHIIP provides education and assistance to North Carolinians in three ways:
• by operating a nationwide toll-free consumer information phone line Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.
• by training volunteers to counsel Medicare beneficiaries within their community about Medicare, Medicare Part D, Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage and long-term care insurance, and
• by providing Medicare Supplement Premium Comparisons for consumers.

When was SHIIP established?
The program was founded in 1986 by the Department of Insurance in direct response to the growing concerns about health insurance for the more than one million Medicare beneficiaries in North Carolina. Numerous insurance
companies sell Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage, long-term care insurance and other medical insurance products to people in North Carolina. Because there are so many companies, and because the Medicare system is so complex, SHIIP was founded to provide people who are eligible for Medicare with an objective information service.

Can I get more information about SHIIP?
Yes! Albemarle Commissions Area Agency on Aging offers scheduled appointments with SHIIP Coordinator Jasmine Wilson and SHIIP Counselor Ashley Lamb. You may also contact SHIIP nationwide at 855-408-1212 or (919) 807-6900, visit or e-mail for further information and ask for more details on the Seniors’ Health Insurance Information Program and how it can help you.

SHIIP counselors are not licensed insurance agents, and they do not sell, endorse, or oppose any product, plan, or company. If you have questions about your specific plan, we encourage you to contact your insurance agent or the insurance company.

To find a counselor in your county, please use this locator link.

For more information contact:

Jasmine Wilson
SHIIP Coordinator
Phone: (252)426-8244