EDA provides competitive grant resources to help spur economic development in distressed communities. EDA’s programs are open to States, local governments, institutions of higher education, regional development organizations, Indian Tribes, and non-profits working in collaboration with a political subdivision of a State. EDA provides communities resources as detailed below:

  • EDA’s Public Works (PW) and Economic Adjustment Assistance (EAA) programs provide grants to support the construction or renovation of public assets to support job creation and private investment.
  • EDA’s Technical Assistance (TA) program provides grant resources to help inform development decision-making, such as through feasibility studies and regional cluster analysis.
  • EDA provides free data tools to assist communities in accessing and understanding local and regional data as they consider economic development initiatives. To access these data tools, please go to: http://statsamerica.org/.

EDA grants require matching share, generally at 50% grant rate.

EDA also partners with a network of Economic Development Districts (EDDs) across NC to support the development, implementation, and evaluation of Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies (CEDS) that form the foundation for how projects are considered. Proposals and Applications for EDA’s Pw, EAA, and TA grants program can be submitted throughout the year, while inter-agency grant opportunities frequently have defined grant deadlines as outlined in the applicable funding notification. EDA strongly encourages all potential applicants to contact the applicable state representative prior to submitting a Proposal or Application.